• Fully moderated Twitter walls for live events, festivals, television and broadcast.
  • More than just a Twitter wall, our social media screen pulls in content from Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and more...
  • Powerful drag & drop designer allows you to create a CrowdScreen with a unique look and layout for your event.
  • Moderate your CrowdScreen using our bespoke moderation tool on your phone or tablet.
CrowdScreen - Social Media Wall For Events
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Vine Booths
Capture your audience in six seconds
Using a Vine Booth at your event can create magnificent social media buzz unlike just tweets and photo booths alone.

Just incase you don’t know what Vine is, here is everything you need to know...
Vine booth at a London event

Vine is a service that allows users to create, edit and share beautiful six-second long video clips, which can be then published through Vine's social network. Vine also allows you to embed your videos on Twitter and Facebook, complete with hashtag campaigns.


CrowdScreen integration allows you to create some memorable Vines with your guests to share and enjoy.


So what is Vine Booth? It is a pop up installation that is perfect for corporate events, award ceremonies, parties, weddings, festivals, product launches, nightclubs and so much more.


It allows guests to record their 6 second videos with one of our team, then get their video up on to your CrowdScreen using the events unique hashtag. You can also share the video on social media, creating maximum engagement and all in an instant.


Our CrowdScreen Vine Booth is flexible and you can have a variety of fun set ups, so you can be as crazy or creative as you like. From an inflatable booth to fancy dress in front of a step and repeat board, it’s all possible.


Also you can hire our CrowdScreen team to act as a roaming video crew, capturing an entertaining carousel of 6 second videos throughout your event. This really adds to the experience and helps your social outreach.


Need some ideas, or just want to see what it could look like at your event? Why not check out some of these awesome Vines taken at a recent event with CrowdScreen technology.


(If you search 'vine booth for events' in Google, you'll see that our clients loved the concept.)


Brand Republic Awards


Marketing Society Awards 2014


CrowdScreen's Vine integration

Vine booth with CrowdScreen

Don't just capture your attendees to your event, showcase them on the big screen with CrowdScreen. Vine is fully integrated into CrowdScreen so you can pull Vine in and display them on a social wall in real time.
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