• Fully moderated Twitter walls for live events, festivals, television and broadcast.
  • More than just a Twitter wall, our social media screen pulls in content from Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and more...
  • Powerful drag & drop designer allows you to create a CrowdScreen with a unique look and layout for your event.
  • Moderate your CrowdScreen using our bespoke moderation tool on your phone or tablet.
CrowdScreen - Social Media Wall For Events
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Award Shows
Twitter & social media walls
For attendees of award shows they are the biggest night of the year, not just a time for recognition within their industry, but also a chance to network and socialise with colleagues and the best of the industry so it's no surprise that the guests, nominees and winners love to share their experiences on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine.

CrowdScreen is the perfect way to make your guests the stars as they share their selfies from the red carpet on Instagram, show their support on Facebook for the shortlisted finalists and tweet about the big award winners of the night.

Our software can easily be integrated with the show's audio/visual equipment and can either be displayed throughout the show, during the reception or a meal, as well as at the after party. CrowdScreen can be shown on the main award's screen as well as smaller screens and plasma panels around the venue ‐ and best of all, even with multiple screens you can moderate all of your displays from one easy-to-use moderation panel.

CrowdScreen's moderation is designed to work perfectly at any award show, it's optimised to run on any phone or tablet so you can moderate your show's interactions on your iPhone while on the move at an event or even around the dinner table. If you don't have the resource to moderate your CrowdScreen for your award show, we can provide a member of our team as an onsite or remote moderator to take care of it for you.
Campaign Media Awards 2013

Campaign Media Awards Twitter Screen
November 19th, 2013
Haymarket Events

The Campaign Media Awards celebrate the best creative media ideas. The event was hosted at The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane by Haymarket Events with 1,000 guests. A bespoke design and layout was used for the CrowdScreen with the integration of the event’s graphics. The Haymarket Events team used a variety of devices throughout the night to moderate the media cycle and share moderating duties. The CrowdScreen looked fantastic and generated excellent interaction.
Property Awards 2014

Property Week Awards Twitter Screen
March 31st, 2014
Metropolis Publishing

The Property Awards 2014 took place at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane on Monday 31st March. The glamorous black tie event welcomed over 400 guests from the property industry, providing the perfect setting to recognise and celebrate the year's big achievers. The CrowdScreen produced exceptional results and a great ROI.

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Twitter walls for award shows

From selfies on the red carpet, to the award ceremony and the after party, social media plays a big part of any award show so why not make it a part of your show.
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