• Fully moderated Twitter walls for live events, festivals, television and broadcast.
  • More than just a Twitter wall, our social media screen pulls in content from Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and more...
  • Powerful drag & drop designer allows you to create a CrowdScreen with a unique look and layout for your event.
  • Moderate your CrowdScreen using our bespoke moderation tool on your phone or tablet.
CrowdScreen - Social Media Wall For Events
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Creating A Successful Twitter Wall
Neil Bentley
CrowdScreen is the perfect way to bring social media content from your guests directly into your conference, either as a social media wall cycling through tweets and photos or using our Q&A widget which allows you to field questions from your guests and display them on your social screen.

When creating a campaign there are a few steps you should consider to make it as effective as it can be.



1. Create a simple, memorable and unique hashtag.


To cleanly track your audience's comments you first need to create a hashtag to use on your campaign.


A hashtag can be of any length, but most importantly it's needs to be relevant to your event or venue.


For example if you were to run an event called 'Media Awards' - the perfect hashtag would be #mediaawards or #mediaawards2014


To make sure that your newly created hashtag doesn't already exist goto search.twitter.com and type your hashtag in the box. If another individual or company is already using it, tweak your hashtag slightly (add a relevant word or date) and keep checking. When you find zero results, then you've hit the jackpot and have the perfect start to a great campaign.


You may also want to try Register My Hashtag, a free service which will tell you if you have picked a unique hashtag or if it is already in use.



2. Market your hashtag.


Once you've come up with a great hashtag, the only way you're going to get your audience to start using it, is if they know what it is. This may seem obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many people forget to do it. They then wonder why the engagement was as high as they had expected!


Promote, Promote, Promote.


Make sure that your hashtag is included on all physical and online invitations, email newsletters, websites and lanyards. It's needs to be seen and it really doesn't hurt to explain how people can interact with it.


Use a call to action statement like 'Tag your tweets, comments, photos and videos with #mediaawards to get seen on the CrowdScreen'.


As twitter walls are an innovative new concept, it really helps your audience understand how you are using social media in a new way.



3. Plan the graphical look and feel of your twitter wall.


Once you've done the hard ground work of setting up the fundamentals of your twitter wall, it now comes down to the creative part. How you going to display the interactions on the big screen?


The usp of CrowdScreen is that you can easily integrate your graphics into the twitter wall in just a few clicks. Upload backgrounds, stream video backgrounds from vimeo and move each element in a simple drag and drop format.


Do bear in mind that the best displays are quite often the simplest.


Also remember that the tweets, comments and photos need to stand out - as you want to offer your audience the chance to be a star for however long you showcase their comment, photo or video.


That's why we recommend displaying one tweet at a time.



4. Moderate your content.


Within CrowdScreen different moderation controls can be applied to your campaign - but it doesn't take away the fact that moderating the best content yourself manually, is still most effective.


If you're the event organiser, then it's likely you have a million things to worry about.


So why not assign the moderation job to a member of your team that can do it for you? It's a simple task and really fun to do. Maybe you already have a social media manager that's proficient in using different platforms. If so, they would be perfect for this!


Just make sure you give them a set of criteria first, that fits in with your brand values and ethics. That way they'll have guidelines to follow.


Comments from twitter are great, but photos are even more engaging. Try to moderate as many selfies and pictures in as possible. When your audience sees themselves, a ripple effect occurs and momentum grows.



5. Analyse your data and follow up.


CrowdScreen tracks all of the social interactions from your campaign, displaying it clearly in a live info-graphic style view within the dashboard. Here you can see the amount of tweets, when they came in, how many pieces of media (photos & videos) where sent and the breakdown of the hashtag usage.


Analysing this live and straight after the event is a great way to gauge how successful social outreach was. So many people just stop here. They're view is that when the event is over, that's it. This is such a mistake.


After the event you should always try and connect with your audience, even if it's just a 'thank you' tweet from your main account. I know this takes effort, especially if you've had 1000 different users - but it's highly effective.


Attach five twitter names to each tweet (just copy and paste them from the downloadable statistics spreadsheet from CrowdScreen) and send them a message. They will each individually get alerted when you tweet and feel that you take interest in their comments.


This is so powerful. It's like the ultimate customer service.


Once you've carried out this simple task those individuals are more likely to post positively about you, your company or event, helping spread the word to potentially thousands more relevant contacts.

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