• Fully moderated Twitter walls for live events, festivals, television and broadcast.
  • More than just a Twitter wall, our social media screen pulls in content from Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and more...
  • Powerful drag & drop designer allows you to create a CrowdScreen with a unique look and layout for your event.
  • Moderate your CrowdScreen using our bespoke moderation tool on your phone or tablet.
CrowdScreen - Social Media Wall For Events
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CrowdScreen For Special Events
James Mabbett
If you are planning a big or one off event such an exhibition, music festival or sporting event, CrowdScreen has the tools to allow you to make your event extra special and showcase your attendees' interactions in fully bespoke way.

Exhibitions are a great way to network professionally and CrowdScreen has a range of widgets that can enhance an exhibition stand or a whole event. Our Q&A widget is a simple way to moderate and sort questions from your guests and add them into the CrowdScreen timeline.

CrowdScreen can also be used effectively in a festival environment where it can truly capture the sense of shared community spirit and the love of music. Social media has already ingrained itself into festival culture with those attending festivals tweeting and posting about the event as part of their experience.

Placing CrowdScreens around your festival site can enhance the festival spirit and create a conversation that organically increases awareness of your festival beyond the fences which ultimately helps you increase ticket revenue in future years.

CrowdScreen is also great for use in TV broadcast, it includes a ticker widget which can allow tweets from your viewers to be displayed within a predefined area, that can easily be implemented with a alpha or chroma key over your live images.
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