• Fully moderated Twitter walls for live events, festivals, television and broadcast.
  • More than just a Twitter wall, our social media screen pulls in content from Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and more...
  • Powerful drag & drop designer allows you to create a CrowdScreen with a unique look and layout for your event.
  • Moderate your CrowdScreen using our bespoke moderation tool on your phone or tablet.
CrowdScreen - Social Media Wall For Events
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  • Twitter Walls & Social Media Screens
    Moderated social media wall for events
  • Drag & drop Twitter wall designer
    Powerful drag & drop designer
    Create a unique look and layout for your event
  • Social media moderation
    Moderation tools
    Preview photos & videos
    Block questionable content
    Filter out offensive words
    Easy to use moderation
    Approve or hide comments from any device
  • Twitter wall example layouts
    Flexible layouts
    Display on any screen at any aspect ratio
  • Live social media stats
    Know your audience
    Realtime stats
    Data export
    Moderated XML feed
    Charts & graphs
The ultimate social display

CrowdScreen is an innovative, cloud-based social media visualisation tool which allows the bespoke display of your audience's social comments and live interactions.

CrowdScreen features a unique moderation engine allowing only the approved comments to be shown and is built to work seamlessly with Twitter, Vine, Instagram, YouTube and more. Other features include Q&A, polling, donations and SMS.

Photos: Leo Wilkinson

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Who's using CrowdScreen?

  • Campaign Media Awards
  • Haymarket Publishing
  • Metropolis Publishing
  • The Opera Awards
  • The PM Society
  • Post Office
  • Property Week Awards
  • PR Week Awards
  • Resi Awards
  • Sutton Business Awards